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My name is Tina Melwani and I am 54 years in earthly existence. I invite you to a meeting on your yoga-mat. Today yoga is well known by the majority of people. We celebrate yoga internationally every year the 21st of June. This event invites thousands of yoginis to practice yoga together.

Yoga originates from India and is a way of life and much more than an exercise. Yoga is also more than yoga asanas (yoga postures). Yoga is described as an upward leading staircase with 8 steps. Yoga asanas is the 3rd step and breathwork (pranayama) is the 4th step. As you dive into yoga, you are going to experience expansion. As always on a journey – body and mind will be challenged. Once this journey starts, you’ll never regret it. Whenever you discover an unknown space in your body or mind consciousness will manifest and ground itself in you. This experience is releasing energy to create a life which you always have been dreaming off.

I will show you what yoga does for your body, your mind and life. This is your life`s journey.

Welcome to Melwani Yoga

Yoga hos


F • Fullness
R • Relaxation
E • Essence
E • Energy
D • Devotion
O • Oneness
M • Master

Melwani Yoga guides you through 7 steps on your journey from stagnancy in body and mind to freedom in body and mind. The yoga class starts on the mat with focus on fullness.

As you start feeling fullness in the body and mind, a deep relaxation unfolds. The vehicle for this peace to circulate is the breath.
Staying with the breath during the class opens up your contact with your inner essence and with your energy channels. You devote yourself to your inner experience and you will come to feel oneness with body and mind.

This is the beginning for you to be a master in your own house. When you continue your journey with Melwani Yoga – you let go of stagnancy and in your inner experience you will feel the freedom in body and mind.

The external world will reflect your inner experience.
Welcome to Melwani Yoga

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The last 3 years I have practiced yoga with Melwani Yoga. For me it is the perfect combination of strength, balance and flow. Tina is really good at explaining the exercises so I  also remember how to make them at home. Last but not least, she is kind and has good energy, so I always look forward to yoga.


I did not believe yoga was interesting for me. I felt Yoga was for crazy people. But I started to practice yoga with some friends at Melwani Yoga and did I get the body exercised?
Yes – did I get released from old injuries?
Yes – did I get the pulse up?
Yes – and all with a smile.